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Posted:: 10/25/2017
Posted:: 10/10/2017

Progress Report - Mayor's Letter

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January 17, 2017

It is with continued pride in our council, and employees that Lakeview is financially sound due to responsible fiscal practices. Through the responsible use of tax payer funds and grants for projects, Lakeview is able to provide excellent service at reasonable rates.

This year the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department dream of a new firehouse to call home became a really and symbol of pride for the Lakeview Community. The new firehouse will provide space to house ever changing equipment and training to provide our volunteers with the best practices and technique for combating structure fires and assistance with individual victims of accidents.

The village continues to address street and drainage issues within the village. Through grants, two major drainage projects, one at Clayton Alley and another along the railroad right of way were completed. These projects provide greater capacity in alleviating standing water during heavy rains and potential flood events.

The Village of Lakeview continues its due diligence in securing long term power supply contracts that will maintain a sufficient supply of electric to our community at competitive rates. To provide convenience for our water and electrical customers, an online bill pay system will be introduced this spring.

The Downtown Car and Craft Show in June, and Christmas in Lakeview were again great successes for Lakeview. These events are coordinated in cooperation between members of the Lakeview Business Group. These successful events provide opportunities for people to see Lakeview and learn what our Village has to offer.

At the End of 2016, we saw the retirement of longtime electric employee, Mark Fleming. I want to acknowledge his dedication and commitment he brought to the village. We will miss you but wish you an enjoyable retirement.

It is with great pride in this community that I thank our council, and village employees for your hard work and dedication to this village and its continued improvement. I thank the businesses for their faith and commitment to doing business in Lakeview and to our residents for their pride in this village and their properties. It is this effort and pride as individuals and more importantly as a group that will carry Lakeview forward.

It is an honor to continue to serve this community, its residents and business. I look forward to working together as we continue to strive to make Lakeview Better

Thank you,
Ryan A. Shoffstall's Signature
Ryan A. Shoffstall
Mayor, Village of Lakeview, Ohio