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The Village Council passed Ordinances 93-9 and 96-03 regulating grass and weeds within the Village.  Residents and/or property owners are considered to be in violation when grass and/or weeds exceed 12” in height.  If found to be in violation of this Ordinance, the Village will cause a written notice to be sent to the property owner notifying him/her that the grass/weeds need to be cut and/or litter collected and removed within five days of the service of the notice.  Such cutting and removing shall be at the owner’s expense and the costs shall be assessed against the property owner’s taxes.  Such fees shall not exceed $200.00.

Grass & Weeds

Leaf collection will begin around the first week in October and run thru the Autumn season. There will be a dumpster at our electric storage building located at 540 North Main Street for all residents to dump bulk or bagged leaves in at no cost to the resident.

Brush Policy

  • Brush will be picked up curbside daily Monday through Friday depending on volume.
  • All limbs shall be placed by curbside.
  • The maximum length shall be four feet and diameter not to exceed six inches.
  • Items prohibited for pickup include: garbage/refuse, lumber, non-organic items, construction debris, grass, garden vegetation, bushes, root balls, and tree stumps. If you are unsure an item is eligible, call the Village office at (937) 843-9152.